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Composite Play Structures

The Enterprise

The components of this structure branch off of the main stairway, with a bridge or balance feature leading to the next play activity. Take the stairs all the way up to be greeted with a telescope and a nine foot slide. The variety of climbers ensures many unique paths around the playground.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 51

Sale Price: $36,472 – Retail Price: $56,111

Interactive 360 View

The Gala

The Gala consists of many ground level climbing pieces that build strength, balance, and coordination. They also
lend themselves to social games like follow-the-leader or discovering new paths without touching the ground. Also
included is a nine foot tall spiral slide, three spinners, and a bouncer/rocker.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 72

Sale Price: $40,873 – Retail Price: $62,881

Interactive 360 View

The Cortland

This collection of inclusive freestanding equipment provides unstructured play opportunities for climbing, sliding, spinning, and rocking. A great choice for those looking for accessibility, easy supervision, variety, and group play activities.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 63

Sale Price: $43,024 – Retail Price: $56,076

Interactive 360 View

The Cameo

The Cameo features a nine foot tall spiral slide and Triple Racer slide that lets three users race to the bottom. Look closer and you’ll see that the three elevated areas are completely connected and able to be navigated between by climbing

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 46

Sale Price: $38,526 – Retail Price: $59,271

Interactive 360 View

The Braeburn

While the slide is the focal point of this structure, the design incorporates important developmental aspects for users in the 2-5 age range: balance on the Unity Steppers, climb on, over, or “hide” in the Moon Rock, discover creative paths from one point to another with the ModPod and Playcubes, or take a break in the Cozy Cocoon.

Ages 2-5
User Capacity: 41

Sale Price: $18,695 – Retail Price: $28,762

Interactive 360 View

The Orchard

The centerpiece of this design is the Branch Out, which offers the appealing scale and features of nature play in an efficient open layout that creates endless new play possibilities. Also featured are climbers and slides of varying height and difficulty, along with many opportunities for gaining balance and coordination.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 80

Sale Price: $77,052 – Retail Price: $118,541

Interactive 360 View

The Melrose

This structure combines many unique climbing experiences with slides of varying heights and curvature, while providing ground level spinning and bouncing activities.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 48

Sale Price: $34,630 – Retail Price: $53,277

Interactive 360 View

The Charden

The Charden brings together three popular pieces from Berliner Play Equipment: a Large IKO net climber, an O’Tannenbaum cone spinner, and a Palmetto basket swing. To add an additional play element, we have incorporated the Playworld Unity Slide Climber.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 50

Sale Price: $41,321 – Retail Price: $48,931

Interactive 360 View

Playcubes 8.0SL

PlayCubes 8.0SL creates a unique feel in any space. The cubes evoke imagination and exploration with undefined paths. A network of open spaces invites kids to play in, on, and through while the slide offers a familiar play experience.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 33

Sale Price: $17,424 – Retail Price: $26,805

The Melba

ModPods bring kids together in an imaginative play space that invites exploration. Their angled nature provides a climbing experience like no other, and they support social and inclusive play. The freestanding Spinami and Unity Teeter Tunnel offer spinning and rocking group play activities.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 37

Sale Price: $20,508 – Retail Price: $31,550

The Wayside

This layout has something for everyone – three slides to choose from, climbers of various challenge, and an array of freestanding equipment that supports social play and creativity! Also featured are three outdoor musical instruments that are in tune with each other and always sound great (additional cost of $7,510).

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 67

Sale Price: $32,625 – Retail Price: $50,192

Interactive 360 View

The Pippin

This design is a perfect choice for those looking for something with a small footprint, without sacrificing play value. Features two slides of different height, and three climbers. A great addition to an existing space or perfect choice for a new one.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 24

Sale Price: $7,160 – Retail Price: $14,500

Interactive 360 View

Freestanding Play Equipment

Freestanding equipment is a great choice for those looking for variety while working with a small space or budget. They support a wide range of activities such as spinning, rocking, bouncing, climbing, balancing, and other social and cognitive functions.

Large Unity Canopy

Inspired by traditional monkey bars, Unity Canopy is designed so the child has a feeling of achievement every time they play on it, unlike the traditional overhead event where success was based on crossing the entire length.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 13

Sale Price: $6,061 – Retail Price: $7,215

Moon Rock Climber

Discover a universe underneath! Space themed, molded in features will spark imaginations. Find images of the solar system, space stations, rockets, and more! Encourages exploration and discovery. Great place for children to escape from noise and find some quiet time when overstimulated.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 8

Sale Price: $2,138 – Retail Price: $3,289

Unity RockR

Kids of all ages and abilities can interact and play on the Unity RockR—no matter if they sit or lie on it. With its broad saucer shape, Unity RockR is a perfect inclusive addition to any playground.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 6

Sale Price: $3,715 – Retail Price: $5,715

Cozy Cocoon

Fun for all children, but especially designed for those with autism spectrum disorders. Enclosed space for a child to escape to when over stimulated. Interior textures & molded-in features for tactile exploration.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 3

Sale Price: $1,866 – Retail Price: $2,855

Unity Teeter Tunnel

Unity Teeter Tunnel engages core muscles and encourages socialization and cooperation as kids learn to work together to balance the board. Unlike traditional see-saws, many kids can participate at once – stand, sit, lie down, or hang out in the tunnel while your friends push.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 17

Sale Price: $7,506 – Retail Price: $8,529

Freestanding Rumble Seat Slide

This five foot freestanding slide allows two users to race at once! The bumpy texture of the slide helps build multisensory awareness.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 6

Sale Price: $3,640 – Retail Price: $5,600

Unity Slide Climber

The thrill of a slide and so much more! The tube at the top is an entry to the slide and a gathering point. Children use the space underneath to socialize and play games.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 10

Sale Price: $7,065 – Retail Price: $10,869

Playcube 1.0

This distinctive geometric shape invites interpretation, imagination and exploration – along with climbing in, on and through – for a totally unique, immersive play experience.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 4

Sale Price: $1,866 – Retail Price: $2,855

Bing Boing

This cooperative play piece lets kids bob back-and-forth and spin around at the same time. Grab some friends and hop on for a full range of motion play.

Ages 2-12
User Capacity: 4

Sale Price: $2,037 – Retail Price: $2,995

Loopy Whoop

Kids start to spin and their body movements determine the speed. Treads on platform prevent slipping.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 3

Sale Price: $1,407 – Retail Price: $2,069


Upright spinning whirl accommodates lots of kids at once. The closer you stand to the center pole, the faster Spinami will spin you!

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 7

Sale Price: $3,019 – Retail Price: $4,645

Sierra Summit Climber

Trek all the way up to the summit of this challenging “mountain”! With no defined play routes, kids are encouraged to find their own paths.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 10

Sale Price: $4,124 – Retail Price: $4,795

Unity Dome

The Unity Dome is an attention grabbing social play piece that encourages kids to play in, on, and around it. Climb through the holes, up the center, navigate the bars to climb to the top, or chase each other around.

Ages 5-12
User Capacity: 17

Sale Price: $9,490 – Retail Price: $14,559

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