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There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning your community spaces. We’re here to walk you through the process, every step of the way. 

With service that is always local to you, we engage our customers and their projects from concept to completion. Our certified representatives provide design consultation as well as site plans, 3D renderings, specifications, and technical data that you require during the design phase of your project. Our CPSI certified, professional construction services can provide a turnkey project for you. Our entire team is committed to providing you a quality experience with Midstates Recreation.

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Featured Playground Equipment Products

Song Bird

The Songbird is a whimsical and familiar form. At six feet high, it is so much larger than life, yet inviting and playful as a playground centrepiece. In plan view, the bird’s shape tapers from tail to head, and the tail twists to add personality.

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New Horizon

New Horizon is a complete play system in our DeepWoods product line featuring modular components including multiple slides, log pillar and wood pile climbers and so much more! Our materials are selected to withstand extreme conditions and our proprietary blend of glass-fiber reinforced concrete(GFRC) allows us to achieve an amazing look and feel.



Quito (pronounced KEE-toe) is a freestanding net climber that takes kids on a journey to the center of the web. Inspired by Quito, Ecuador’s capital city closest to the equator and the world’s second-highest official capital city, Quito stands a towering 15.54’ (4,74m) high.


Planning Your Playground or Community Space is a Big Commitment. 

Putting in a new playground or park space doesn’t happen every year! We realize that this is a big project, and our team is here to walk you through the selection, planning, approval, and build process. After 30+ years and thousands of new playgrounds and parks, we are committed to excellence.

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We’ll talk through what you’re looking for, develop a budget, and help you begin to set a plan in motion! 

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Review Design

Our team will prepare CAD renderings so you can see the vision come to life, and we’ll review them together.

What Our Clients Say:

“My experience with Midstates Recreation spans over 25 years with many projects big and small. From design collaboration, graphic communication, safety and standards through construction, they are my go-to partner and a valued resource regarding ‘All Things Play’.”

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Meet Blake Hobson + The Midstates Team

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After 30+ years in the industry, Blake Hobson and the Midstates team have selected superior products and built a team of qualified and personable professionals that work together to design and build play and recreational spaces. 

We’re committed to designing inclusive, innovative play spaces that give opportunities for all ages and abilities to play together. We love being a part of building community spaces that bring people together, giving them common spaces to gather and play. Our planning process involves thoughtful and intentional focus on incorporating opportunities for kids to learn through play with the equipment selected. 

  • Inclusivity for all ages and ranges

  • Unparalleled innovation

  • Academic learning through play

  • Fostering community

We believe that the most valuable thing we can do when creating playgrounds is to design them in such a way that accommodates a wide range of abilities. That is because inclusion is about more than just accessibility – it is about providing opportunities for people of all ages and capabilities to play together in the same playground environment.

See Some of Our Completed Projects!