Community Builds

Depending on the complexity of your project, installation costs can range from 25% to 45% of your total budget. A community build can help you reduce those costs, and strengthen community spirit all at the same time.

CBJ Playground Build at Krumm Park

Play For Kate

Coppel Soccer Complex – Make A Difference Day 2015

Preliminary task, call for utility location 3 days before removal of existing equipment or digging holes on prep day if no equipment is to be removed, Ohio utility protection service call 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764 before you dig: it’s the law!

Prep schedule/tasks

2 weeks before build day

  • Demolish & remove existing equipment and all footings located in area for new playground installation
  • Level and compact soil in preparation for new equipment
  • Finalize list of volunteers, 50-75 needed depending on project size
  • Establish plan for restroom facilities, first aid, hydration of workers, meals.
  • Discuss team leaders needed to oversee volunteers, concrete team, surfacing team, assembly team etc…\
  • Establish plan for tools needed on site to be provided by owner. Tools will depend on whether wood fiber safety surfacing will be installed on build day
  • Tool list (see below)

Prep day 1 (2 days before build)

  • Layout playground footers, dig holes, transit hole depth, place blocks/plywood in support post holes to establish depth
  • Remove excavated materials from site
  • Protect public from excavations with temporary fencing or caution tape perimeter if applicable
  • Receive playground equipment shipment, use checklist supplied with shipment to insure all equipment is present
  • Place playground equipment in secure location
  • Playground installation instructions should be secured indoors and easily accessible, print extra copy of installation instructions from the maintenance kit CD for component • assembly teams
  • Receive concrete for build day, secure w/ tarps to keep bags dry
  • Receive safety surfacing if applicable, place surfacing as close to the build site as possible
  • Finalize plan for restroom facilities, first aid, hydration of workers, meals.
  • Finalize plan for build day tools needed on site to be provided by owner. Tools needed will depend on whether wood fiber safety surfacing will be installed on build day
  • Finalize team leaders to oversee volunteers
  • Discuss final prep questions with installer/supervisor

Prep day 2 (day before build)

  • Finish any tasks not completed on prep day 1
  • Survey the weather forecast for possible complications

Build day

  • Volunteers arrive at established time
  • Have breakfast available to volunteers
  • Restroom facilities, first aid area and hydration stations should be clearly marked
  • Transport equipment from storage area to build site, support posts and platforms should be closest to site, components should be spaced out around site for assembly prior to attachment to structure
  • Unwrap equipment from shipping packaging, this will include bubble wrap, cardboard and tape
  • Dispose of packaging materials
  • Establish teams to work in conjunction with team leaders, post and platform, component assembly, surfacing transportation, concrete mixing and delivery etc…
  • Work with installer/supervisor to establish work flow
  • Installer/ supervisor will alert teams when concrete is needed, where safety surfacing can be placed around perimeter of work site etc…
  • Have lunch served in shifts, so the work can continue
  • Make sure adequate volunteers will be available until playground, concrete & safety surfacing is complete
  • When playground structures are installed, drills will be needed for final riveting of equipment
  • Playground to be inspected by installer/supervisor to insure compliance to federal guidelines and manufacturer specifications
  • Play structures should be protected from use for 72 hours after concrete is poured, secure with temporary fencing or caution tape as applicable

Tool List

  1. Shovels – 6-10 (needed on prep day & build day)
  2. Wheel barrows -4-6 (needed on prep day& build day )
  3. Spud: bar ( long 5’ pry bar) (needed on prep day& build day )
  4. Levels 4’ and 2’ in length & torpedo levels – 2 of each
  5. Socket set – no metric needed (most of the assembly requires 9/16”) this is used by everyone make sure to have plenty of ratchets.
  6. Hammers regular, sledge, and rubber mallets.
  7. Assorted size pieces of 2 x 4 lumber.
  8. Five gallon buckets – 5
  9. Cordless drills with (8) ¼” metal rated drill bits along with 3/8”, 5/8”, and ½” drill bits.
  10. Standard 1” wide ratchet straps-6
  11. Tape measures (needed on prep day & build day)
  12. Duct tape
  13. 6’ “a” frame ladder -2 8’ “a” frame ladder – 2
  14. Marking paint- fluorescent is best (needed on prep day& build day )
  15. Caution tape (needed on prep day & build day)
  16. Water hose – enough hose to get to play area
  17. Hand saw / circular saw / reciprocating saw
  18. Concrete quantity varies from job to job – check with your sales representative (customer to provide) Include tarps to cover concrete pallets, these can be used to move mulch on build day
  19. 4-6 pitchforks to move mulch if applicable
  20. Vise grips
  21. 8” & 10”-12” square hole tamper (needed on prep day& build day )
  22. Post hole diggers – 2 (needed on prep day & build day)
  23. Metal rakes – 4 or 5 (needed on prep day & build day)
  24. Rotary laser transit (can be rented / for setting footer depth) (needed on prep day)
  25. 12” x 12” x ½ “plywood or 12” sq patio block, if plywood include 8”x 8” for 12” diameter holes (one for each post) (needed on prep day)
  26. Utility knives 10-12 (needed on prep day & build day )

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