Older children may have left the playgrounds of years past behind, but with today’s emphasis on staying physically fit they are likely interested in fun outdoor exercise. Our ENERGI Jr. System features moderately-priced equipment perfect for middle school physical education classes as well as family time spent outdoors. When you’re ready for a total body fitness system that burns fat and increases metabolism, explore the options from the ENERGI Prime System, which includes a free programming guide.

When it comes to getting older, active adults know that regular low-impact exercise helps people stay independent and avoid injury. If older, active adults call your community home, explore our LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System. From upper body exercises that maintain strength to lower body yoga poses that keep balance skills strong, Playworld will help your community stay stronger, longer.

  • ENERGI® Prime – The total body fitness system for ages 13 and up delivers a guided, fat-burning workout that works nearly all of the body’s 600 muscles. A FREE in-depth programming guide with lesson plans are included.
  • LifeTrail® Advanced Wellness System – A low-impact, functional fitness, outdoor system that helps older, active adults stay fit, prevent injury and maintain an independent healthy lifestyle. A FREE in-depth programming guide is included.
  • Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Inc. has been pursuing their goal of fighting obesity and improving the wellness of communities by installing outdoor fitness zones that are free for public use. By enabling users to work against their own body mass, the fitness equipment can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. All exercise units – even those with moving parts – are virtually maintenance-free. Greenfields’ equipment has been enthusiastically embraced by communities across North America for its high quality and multi-generational appeal.
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